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Wado Ryu Karate-Do - Kihon, Kata & Kumite

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By Roberto Danubio

In this book you will find a unique and comprehensive collection of all the techniques, Katas and partner exercises of Wadoryu Karate, in accordance with Japan Karatedo Federation guidelines, presented with a remarkably detailed accuracy never seen before.

-All fundamental Wadoryu techniques
-All Wadoryu Katas
-All 10 Kihon Kumite Forms
-All 8 Ohio Kumite Forms
-All 7 Tandodori Forms

With 352 pages and over 1400 color photos, this book qualifies as the most substantial and comprehensive Wadoryu Karate reference book to date.

Roberto Danubio is 7th Dan Wadokai, and holds the offices of President and also Chief Instructor in the Swiss Wadokai Karatedo REnmei (SWKR). He is respected by Karate specialists throughout Europe as one of the most outstanding experts on the Wadoryu Karate technique.
His most influential instructors were Teruo Kono (Germany), 8th Dan, and Shingo Ohgami (Sweden), 8th Dan. His other instructors also include Hideho Takagi (Japan), 8th Dan, and Toru Arakawa (Japan), 9th Dan JKF.

He is among the very few Karate instructors and examiners in Europe to be licensed by the Japan Karatedo Federation of Wadokai.
Languages: English & German
352 Pages
Format: 25 X 18 cm


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