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Verteidigung mit dem Messer für Fortgeschrittene

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By Florian Lahner

Florian Lahner, born in 1974, is one of the leading tactical Instructors in Europe.
As one of very few he teaches to Law Enforcement, Military and Security Personal on a regular Base.
Additionally he shares his knowledge with civilians.
For those he focus on very easy to master, yet realistc concepts that work under stress.

Defense with edged tools Vol.2:
In the second part of the series, advanced drills and aplication are shown.
Aganist different attacks, treh blade is used both cutting and non-cutting.
Grips, changes of grips as well as concepts for non-dominat hand usage of the blade are shown.
One chapter also deals with Reverse-grips techniques.

„For Bram Frank, a teacher, friend and family.
Life is Modular.
It´s a matter of perspective."

Languages: English, German, French
Running Time: 35 Minutes


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