DVD personels / Livre personel

Implementation of DVD- and Bookproduktions!

Books and DVD´s are predestined ways for a sport or a sportsman to present its skills to the public.
We know, that many of you therefore have a dream of an own DVD or a self written book, but never had the chance to produce something like it.

We will make your dream come true!

The entire DVD production, containing the recording, cutting, translation and synchronization to other languages, dubbing and layouting, will be planned and put into effect by us.
All our clips are recorded in Full HD 16:9 and we promise a high quality in vision and acoustic.
You´d rather consider to write a book? We will put your ideas about photos into practice, we will create the layout, we will translate and print your work!
Plenty of employees take care of the realization of all your projects and will be working on the perfection of your presentation – meticulously!


Afterwards we will support your distribution, which can also be carried out by our publishing house. As we have connections of many year´s standing to other publishers, producers and distributers in the martial arts field, we are able to spread your media all over the world.


Did we spark your interest? Feel free to contact us at any time!


Kind regards,


Your VP-Masberg Team
Mario Masberg


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