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Die Bibel der Kata Vol.1

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By Cyril Guénet 4th Dan in Karate-do, KEIO Japanese black belt, black belt in kyusho jitsu...

Cyril Guénet has been practicing Karate for more than 30 years.
He settled in Japan in 2002 and practiced in the first Karate dojo opened by Mstr Funakoshi: Keio.
He returns there every year and is the only westerner in the world to be graded Dan Keio. For 15 years, he traveled the dojos of Japan and Okinawa to understand the origin of Karate and the secrets of its techniques. He is described as an expert about Karate History by Japanese Medias.

30 Karate Kata

Multi-Angles Technology - Press to switch from one camera to another without stopping the reading of Kata!

3 Yoshitaka Funakoshi Taikyoku
4 Henry Plee Taikyoku
3 Kyokushin Sokugi
5 Kata Heian
3 Kata Tekki
2 Taiji Kase Oyo Kata
2 Okinawa Naihanchi
2 Dachi No Kata
4 Kobudo Kata
2 Bonus Kata

Languages: English, German, French
Running Time: 84 Minutes


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