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Kyusho-Jitsu Kata Breakdown Vol.1

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By Will Higginbotham 9.Dan

Kata Bunkai Naihanchi, Pinan Sandan, Gojushiho, Small Circle Ju-Jitsu...

Will Higginbotham has been training various martial arts since 1968 and he is still teaching them all over the world.
In the year 2010 he was honored with the 9. Dan by George Dillman.

We publish the complete seminar (which had been held on the 9th and 10th of April 2011 with Bettina Lämmle in Todtnau) on these two Films.
On this first Film we will demonstrate Kata Bunkai techniques based on the traditional Chinese medicine and Kyusho-Jitsu.
In addition, you will learn Small Circle Ju-Jitsu Combinations.
The intention of these techniques is to disable the attacker.

Languages: English, German
Running Time: 110 Minutes


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