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Fight Club In the Street - Best of Pencak Silat

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By Maurice Rosier

No need to be an Olympic champion, a body builder or a 10th Dan expert to learn how to defend yourself, you just need to be enthusiastic and eager to learn...

Learning, understanding, analyzing and anticipating is within everyone's reach.
The street is a jungle. You can spend your whole life without ever being attacked, but one day everything can change all of a sudden. Do not fear this danger, you just have to be prepared!

Many videos deal with Self Defense, but here you will learn and be able to compare different defense systems. 
It is not about whether a style is better or worse than another - there is just a style that suits you best and it's up to you to find it.
Whether you are sturdy or petite, tall or small, supple or not, beginner or expert, it doesn't matter: "Fight Club in the Street" will teach you how to defend yourself against the most common attacks.
Being a member of "Fight Club in the Street" is learning how to defend yourself rather than to Attack someone, it is knowing how to help others, respecting yourself and respecting others.

Maurice Rosier:
Professor of Pencak Silat and Fisfo 3rd Dan.
Speaker at the E.P.I.G.N (National police Intervention Skydiving Squadron).
Foreign Legion 2008-2009.
25 years of Penchak Fisfo school Charles Joussot.
A professional Tonfa - Kung fu - French boxing - Thai boxing - Wado-ryu Karate player.

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish
Running Time: 65 Minutes


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