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Serrada Escrima Seminar 2019 - 5 DVD Box

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2019 Legacy-7 Escrima Seminar (5 DVD Set)

Honoring the Grandmasters of FMA & WW2 Filipino-American Veterans
American Legion Post 510

Sponsored by Darren Tibon (Angel's Disciples)

KAHANA BAY October 12th 2019 a historical event of Escrima Grandmasters and Masters gathered at one event to pay respect to the founders of Stockton’s Escrima

Grandmasters and share their teachings for a common cause of unifying Pilipino Martial Arts.

This was the opportunity of a life time for Escrima practitioners to experience the rich flavors of Filipino Martial Arts.

This 10 hour seminar event has been edited to a 5 hour (Collector’s Edition Set) of compacted instructional content that is a one of a kind experience.

GM Darren Tibon - Serrada Escrima
Master Jerome Fonseca - Fonseca Kenpo Jujitsu -Kali
Guro Tanya Subingsubing - Subingsubing Kali Escrima JKD
GM Alex France - Kombatan Arnis
Master Joel Juanitas - Bahala Na
Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal - JKD Kali/Escrima
GM Doshi Richard VanDonk
Dynamic DeCuerdas Escrima System
Tuhon Belton Lubas - Warrior Strength Martial Arts
Professor David Ducay - Kajukenbo Eskrima
GM Felix Roiles - Filipino Martial Arts FMA/PAKAMUT
GM Oliver Garduce
Pintados Filipino Martial Arts -Arnis Kali Escrima
Master Ray Topacio Cordoba

Language: English
Running Time: 300 Minutes


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