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5 DVD Box Hard Core Karate

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Battlefield Old School Mind Set & Competition Techniques
By Val Mijailovic Hanshi

Old School classic tournament competition strategies by Val Mijailovic Hanshi, a former IKA world champion and three decade veteran in Domestic and International Japanese Karate competitor.
Still training and teaching under Soke Takayuki Kubota (Gosok Ryu Karate - International Karate Association) since 1970, Mijailovic Hanshi reveals his unique methods of opponent assessment and strategies he used in overcoming big man challenges of speed, timing and overall instinctive methods of defeating his opponents.
Time-tested competition detailed strategies “Battlefield Mind Set” brings back the old school realism of “KARATE-DO - Art of the Empty Hand”.

This 3 volume series presents a unique individuals perspective of DEFEATING your adversary and Not FIGHTING mind set. Not recommended for beginners. Black Belt level.

Vol.1: Mechanics, 45 degree hip rotation, Koshi, Compression and Expansion, Jitsu and Kyo State of Mind, Makiwara, Overcoming Distance, Face punches targeting, Never be the Same, OODA Loop, OTSR principal: Observe - Test - Sacrifice - React, Broken Back Principal, Tournament Footage Match Analysis, Flow, Blind Spots, Always Safe, Mechanics...

Vol.2: Energy Flow Merge, Engaging & Disengaging, Skewing your Opponent, Blocking and Taking Territory, Front Hand Flow - Range & Skewing, Matching Opponents Motion, Taking Opponent’s Mind, Invisibility, Creating Opportunity, Stick the Punch...

Vol.3: Ki, Persistence and Timing, Short vs Tall Opponents, Smudge Punch, Double Kizami-Tsuki, Close Range Circle, Skip a Beat and Defeat, MUSHIN - Mind No Mind...

Vol.4: Private Sessions Bonus Vol.1

Vol.5: Private Sessions Bonus Vol.2

Language: English
Running Time: 304 Minutes


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