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Spring Central States Shotokan Seminar 2019

Product SKU: EM3-909
Exploring devastating techniques in Funakoshi's Basic Kata

By Rick Brewer Sensei

Exploring devastating techniques in Funakoshi's basic kata, used for Kumite and Self Defense... training in the effective, no - nonsense, use of dynamic and powerful defenses and attacks: singly, and in strong practical basic combinations

Michael Busha ( 5th Dan) session - Oyo (adapting kata to attack variations) and Ura (discovering hidden techniques within kata)
Chris Travers (6th Dan) session - ( Bunkai in Heian kata that can be powerful in self-defense)
James Hartman (6th Dan) session - (Developing CQB (close quarter combat and foot sweeps with Funakoshi's Tekki Shodan)
Elston Flowers (6th Dan) session - (Tactical response; The use of timing of blocking and counter-attack simultaneously)
Ted Quinn (6th Dan) session - (Jyu Ippon Kumite for attacking with body, mind, and spirit!)
Carl L Hartter (7th Dan) session - (Dan-Level; punching, kicking, and sweeping combinations and more!)
Language: English
Running Time: 88 Minutes


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