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Budo Masters Vol.1 - Masters of Japan

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By Cyril Guenet

Since 2008,
Cyril Guénet travels Japan in search of masters and experts who have preserved
the spirit of Budo in their practice. Whether in Tokyo, Kyoto or in provinces
such as the northern mountains or the southern islands, MDV Communication's
cameras will lead you on a journey where exceptional Martial Arts mingle with
history and culture of Japan.

This first
volume presents the practice of Karate in the first Dojo opened by Master
Gichin Funakoshi at Keio. Then, You will go to Engaku Ji, where he used to
practice the art of Zazen, before continuing your way to Fujieda, to attend the
legendary tournament of Great Masters. You will discover Kyoto, the art of making
Tatamis, the practice of Kyudo in the temple of martial arts in Butokuden, and the
demonstration of Yabusame by Ogasawara school. Finally, the famous Takeda
school will open its doors. You will relive the history of Bushido and practice
of horseback archery.

Get ready
for an exotic journey in the land of the rising sun.

Running Time : 90 Minuten 
Languages : Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch


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