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Pencak Silat - Pamonyet Vol.2

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The Monkey Fighting System from Java

By Cecep A. Rahman

One more time, Kang Cecep A. Rahman, give you the possibility to dive into the universe of Panglipur (West Java).
Kang Cecep is one of the incontrovertible trainers in the world of Pencak Silat and he agrees to teach you the form Pamonyet (Monkey) from Panglipur.
Present inside a lot of style of Pencak Silat and especially inside the Cimande, Pamonyet, just like Pamacan, gave the foundation of a lot of styles.

Stretching and muscular work, specific for this style, Jurus, explanation part by part of the Jurus, with strikes, projections, locks, defense against 1,2 or 3 attacks...
These films offer you a complete progression, suited to all everybody, beginner or expert.
With several view angles and with the precious advice from Kang Cecep, you will be able to learn and make yours a lot of amazing techniques all along these 2 Films.

-Jurus Applications 3
-Jurus Applications 4
-Jurus Applications 5
-Jurus Applications 6
-Jurus Applications 7
-Jurus Applications 8

Languages: English
Running Time: 90 Minutes


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