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3 DVD Box Collection Kung-Fu - Ip Man Wing Chun & Bruce Lee Gung-Fu

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This DVD set includes 3 Kung Fu DVD's:

VPM-13: Wing Tson Street Combat Reality Based
VPM-78: Ip Man Wing Chun
VPM-119: The Art of Gung-Fu

By Ip Chun, Francois Arambel & Markus Schinhammer

In this box you will not only find movies of Ip Man himself, but also of Ip Man's son "Ip Chun", who has inherited his father.
Ip Chun demonstrates the forms Mok Yan Chong, Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Jee and the legendary Chi Sau, their applications and forms on the wooden dummy.
In addition, Francois Arambel will introduce the art of Gung-Fu, Bruce Lee's martial art.
Markus Schinhammer shows self-defense techniques for the street.
He is a recognized Wing Chun Master of the Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Arts Association and a recognized Hong Kong Instructor of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association for IP Man Wing Chun.

Languages: English, German, French
Running Time, all 3 DVD's: 142 Minutes


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