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3 DVD Box Collection Taekwondo

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This DVD set includes 3 Taekwondo DVD's:

DVD30: Taekwondo Poomse
DVD65: Taekwondo Kicks & Fight Techniques
DVD88: Taekwondo from white Belt to Black Belt

By Roger Piarulli, Michel Carron & Hoang Nghi

You will learn with this box set Taekwondo program, more than 16 poomse and their applications, the 8 taegeug poomse as well as the 8 superior poomse, demonstrated and explained by Roger Piaruli.

Hoang Nghi gives you the whole technical richness of fighting Taekwondo (fighting ranges, blocks, moving, escape, counter, punch, kick, combinations, release from hand to hand fight).

Michel Carron, as the perfect guide to get the Black Belt, offers you the various aspects of this discipline, from the most basic ones to the most advanced.

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish
Running Time, all 3 DVD's: 330 Minutes


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