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Enigma II Vol.2 Contemporary Jeet Kune Do

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By Paul Vunak

The first time Paul Vunak released the Enigma Series He had the world of martial arts take a paradigm shift and rethinking there training.
The ground breaking revelation of understanding the concepts of training your combat skills in two categories on Self Perfection and Self Preservation was born!
How does one train for now and how does one train for a life time in the martial arts.
This balance for learning how to fight now and not 10 years from now was a point that is invaluable to so many martial artist, fighters, instructors, law enforcement, military and everyday people like you who want to protect themselves and loved ones.

Fast forward 10 years later and now we have the next phase of the Enigma Series.
Paul continues to show you what its like to take the guess work out of your training.
What tends to be the problem for most martial artist is trying to figure out what works ? What doesn't work? What works for me? Stepping into the abyss of the martial arts world without any knowledge can be daunting for anyone new to fighting to decide what should i do.
This is where Paul Vunak and Contemporary Jeet Kune Do steps in. The turn around time and demand for learning to be functional now is the goal.
To be a complete street fighter or martial artist that can train for a life time but have the necessary skills now to protect yourself and loved ones.
Contemporary Jeet Kune Do is Vunak's particular brand of learning to fight in all ranges of combat that address the needs of self defense today with a twist.
That is Asymmetrical Violence. The game changer that allows you to fight outside of the realm of dojo, ring, and above your weight class.
This is the same military technology handed down to SEAL Team 6, the Department of Defense, the DEA, US Marshals, SWAT, the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Counter Intelligence. 56 min.

Enigma 2 Vol.2 includes: Kina Mutai bite flow, Uninterrupted bite, Cross side for Kina Mutai, BJJ fundamentals, Kina Mutai Flow Drill 1, Flow Drill 2 (Standup to ground with knife, Trapping to Thai Clinch, Knife disarm against thrust, Grappling Knife on the ground), Thai Clinch to Pummeling Drill, Flow Drill 3 (Trapping to Clinch, Drill 3 with Lap Sao), Adding strikes to Lap Sao Drill, Defense against Jab-Cross Drills and more.

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian
Running Time: 56 Minutes


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