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Serrada Escrima Seminar 2021 - 6 DVD Box

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Legacy 8 is a part of the on going Filipino Martial Arts series that began in Stockton CA (2013) by Grandmaster Darren Tibon (Angel's Disciples) honoring the early grandmasters of FMA.
2013 Legacy was the first attempt by GM Tibon to set aside the FMA practitioners differences amongst the Escrima community in Stockton CA and unite in the spirit of preserving the FMA history and pass down the first generation knowledge to the world.

GM Tibon's vision has become a reality and a tremendous success.
Grandmasters from all over the world gather once a year to pay respect and honor their teachers by attending, teaching and demonstrating their styles in the Legacy series events.

This was a 10 hour seminar edited to 6.5 hours.

Instructors Featured:
Sijo Lozada & Family
GM Sultan Uddin
GM Darren Tibon
Sijo John Oliva
GM Graciela Casillas
GM Bradford Namahoe
Doshi Richard Van Donk
Pitados Garduce
Tuhon Belton Lubas
GM Felix Roiles
Guro Sachi Villareal
Guro Roger Agbulos
Master Joel Juanitas
GM Marc Hehic
Guro Ferd Terado
Guro Mateo S, Masaallones Jr.
GM Carlito Bonjoc
Sifu Harinder Sing Sabharwal

Language: English
Running Time: 430 Minutes


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