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Advanced Latosa Escrima Vol.1-3

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By Rene Latosa

Advanced Latosa Escrima Vol. 1-3

By Rene Latosa

There are five basic concepts used with both the mental and physical action this system deploys.
This allows Rene Latosa’s Escrima System to keep developing and progressing into the future.
The Latosa Escrima system introduces the use of concepts that are infused into the techniques.
These concepts consist of the following: balance, speed/timing/distance, power, focus, and transition.
These concepts provide the tools to develop the basis of what you do, how you do it, and why.
The DVD series is an education in body motion and weapon efficiency, not just physical movements attached to techniques.
It is designed to ignite the expansion of innovation and creativity.
There are no sets of rules to follow, only the simple observation of understanding how to use the tools (concepts) to meet your needs.
There is no frill or thrills, twirls or flash shows in these DVDs.
It is just a logical explanation of the reality of these movements and how to expand their use into short power, strategic positioning of the offense, and the dangerous reality associated with weapons training—and that there must be a clear separation between reality (real time speed, stress, and danger) and practice.

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