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3 DVD Box No-Gi Submission Grappling Vol.1-3

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By Rigan Machado

This is a complete presentation of the principles and applications of the best elements and techniques of all grappling methods, demonstrated by one of the most sought-after Submission Grappling masters of all time, Rigan Machado.
The DVD series explores the techniques and science of Submission Grappling.
There is a detailed breakdown of the offensive and defensive skills used in no-gi grappling competitions, and the tactical elements of timing, control, positioning, etc....
The unique principles and techniques of no-gi Submission Grappling as taught by Rigan Machado are fully described in these authoritative DVDs.

This series has a great deal to offer to all grappling students, from beginner to black belt level, as well as being a unique and enjoyable way to learn about the sport of Submission Grappling.
It is a true gem by one of the best grappling masters of our time.

Language: English


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