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3 DVD Box Dynamic Massage, Stretching & Kicking

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By Lady Lallaine Reed

Lady Lallaine Reed is one of the most talented martial artists teaching in the Los Angeles region.

Dynamic Massage:
In this highly informative DVD, Lady Lallaine teaches an array of effective techniques and the many different types of hand movements she commonly uses to deliver the best massage possible.

Dynamic Stretching:
In this one DVD she takes you through a complete flexibility class that will greatly enhance your own flexibility, no matter what age you are and no matter what level of skill you have reached.
A truly terrific DVD that teaches you all the secrets of real flexibility, not just for kicking, but for overall health as well.

Dynamic Kicking:
In this phenomenal video, Lady Lallaine Reed will guide you through invaluable demonstrations and instruction that teaches more effective kicking techniques than you ever imagined possible in one DVD.
She shows proper technique from several angles and at different speeds, giving the viewer the chance to see moves in slow-motion, and to truly study each and every detail.
With this great presentation, you will learn how to get maximum power and speed in the execution of kicks.

Language: English


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