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Shaolin Black Flag Wing Chun Vol.2 18 Lohan Suann Sik Part 1

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Shaolin Black Flag Wing Chun

18 Lohan Suann Sik - Separate Drill
Part 1: Basic Body Mechanics

Presented by Ving Tsun Museum - Master Benny Meng

This is the second in a series of videos presented by the Ving Tsun Museum on the Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun system.
The Wing Chun system, also spelled “Ving Tsun,” is a system with deep roots and many branches, which are called lineages.
The Shaolin Black Flag Wing Chun DVDs represent the very first time the Hek Ki Boen Wing Chun system has ever been recorded in the history of the lineage dating back over three centuries.

This second video covers fundamental training of the system, the 18 Lohan Suann Sik, or the 18 Lohan Separate Drills.
Part 1 covers the essential foundation of HKB, the HKB formula, what makes HKB a Wing Chun lineage, and the essence of Wing Chun as a system.

According to VTM research, HKB represents one of the oldest lineages in the system with training exercises and theory connecting to the Southern Shaolin Temple.
This Shaolin Black Flag Wing Chun Hek Ki Boen DVD series showcase the essence of Wing Chun and what makes Wing Chun......Wing Chun!

The information is presented in several formats throughout the video - solo, partner demonstration, and application - giving you a chance to see the simplicity, directness, and efficiency of this Wing Chun lineage.

Instruction is led by Grand Master Kenneth Xiang Fuk Lin, the Leader of this lineage, supported by Grand Master Benny Meng, Curator of the Ving Tsun Museum.

Language: English
Running Time: 60 Minutes


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